The APCW Tool Box

Perspectives Weekly Auto Updating Code: Get fresh, unique video content automatically updated on your website every week! Apply to be a "Media Partner" at the same time.

Media Partner Program: Get a link from the APCW's main site to your webpage after you add the Perspectives Weekly auto updating code to your site.

Podcasts RSS Feeds: Here you can choose from either or both of the APCW's weekly audio podcasts to add an auto updating feed to your sites. Perspectives Now is more player oriented, and Affiliate Focus more webmaster friendly.

APCW Membership Badges: Help do your part for this industry and show your support for the APCW! Place an APCW Membership badge on your website, blog, or forum.

Special Content Pages: More video content from the APCW making certain content easier to find and re-post.

Invite Friends to APCW: Help us help the industry! Every time our membership grows our ability to accomplish things grows, too! Our membership is a vital part of our usefulness in the fight for trust, honesty, and integrity.

Other APCW Resources: Industry news, legal documents, auditing reports, and information on rogue casinos and affiliate programs.

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