Grand Prive Rogue Affiliate Program

Welcome to the APCW's page of the rogue activity of the Grand Prive Affiliates! We have been fighting these thieves for over a year now, and we're winning! We're winning by destroying their reputation, and we're doing so by educating people and telling the truth! Listed below are all of our current videos on the Grand Prive Affiliates, and how they became listed as a rogue program all over the web. Please take a few short moments and watch these so that you, too, know the truth behind the company called Grand Prive! Webmasters are welcomes to republish these videos within our Terms and Conditions. Video code available at You Tube. Terms and Conditions posted at the end of each video.

The Grand Prive Affiliates
(November 2008)

The Grand Prive Casino Group recently shut down their affiliate program. However, they continue to run their casinos and profit from the players their webmaster partners sent to them in the past. They have cut their "partners" out of the deal they made with them, and are keeping all the profits!

Grand Prive Revealed
(December 2008)

The APCW calls upon the services of the Internet Archives to look at the history of what the Grand Prive Group promised their webmaster partners. See first hand how they "guaranteed" their affiliates a lifetime of revenue, and have now cut them out of the deal to pocket all the profits.

Grand Prive Affiliates en Español
(November 2009)

Our ethics are solid but our Spanish sucks! So the APCW has enlisted some local help from Costa Rica to help spread the word about the Grand Prive Affiliates to all our Spanish speaking webmaster friends! Now, the story of Grand Prive's rogue behavior, and their theft of affiliate commissions, is available in two languages!

The True Story of the Grand Prive Affiliates
(January 2010)

The Grand Prive Affiliates have been the subject of much ridicule in online gambling for over a year now, but do you know the entire story? Why are people still talking about what happened? And what's the significance for the industry? Learn the past, present, and possible future of Grand Prive.

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