We're Giving Away Billions - Have We Lost Our Minds or What?

Online gambling should be everyones right to enjoy, no less then they enjoy any other form of entertainment. Since we went so far as to make American casinos legal, why not let them go the rest of the way and do it online. It's going to happen at some point anyway, so why not now when we need it the most. How many more unemployed, with time on their hands, are now gambling online? Why in Gods name let all this money out of the country. The offshore casinos are living like KINGS, when we can't pay for our homes. We need to stop that right now the only way it makes sense. Ligalize online gambling for American casinos.
When Atlantic City was taking it's last breath. We did the only thing that could save it and passed gambling. The result was lots of jobs, property values went up, business boomed and everyone was happy.
There is no way we can ever stop people from gambling online. So the law banning it, is worthless! Therefore, it just makes common sense for it to be legal in the U.S. Let the American casinos use it to bring in additional revenue, plus draw business to their properties. This will bring back lots of jobs, etc., and have the same basic effect that it had in Atlantic City.
The problem is that some of our leaders are very short sighted and need to see the entire picture. When we realized that we could not stop the numbers game. We joined it and called it the lottery. Now the money rolls in, instead of out.

The internet is a wonderful tool that has and is reinventing the way we do business, entertain ourselves and learn about everything under the sun. It's a big ball that's rolling down hill hot and heavy and there is no way of stopping it. So we just better deal with it, before it, runs right over us.

When enought of us understand that everyone will be much better off by resolving this problem the only way it makes sense, than it will happen, the same way it happened in Atlantic City, when there was no other choise. Our campain was simple ... "Help Us Help Yourself"


In the words of J. Todd "Play It Smart"

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