Vegas Casinos Closed: When Will They Reopen?

Almost every casino in America is shut down right now, with millions of jobs on the line. Even the most popular gambling destination in America has seen every Las Vegas casinos closed until at least May... and possibly much longer. When could they reopen? And what are the dangers if they do?

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has ordered Vegas casinos closed along with all other gambling establishments in the state as part of a wider effort to slow the spread of novel Coronavirus. The order requires all casinos to shut down gaming devices, machines, tables, games and any other kit related to gaming activity, including bets made on sporting events. Players can still find sports betting at safe betting sites online. Vegas casinos closed now will remain that way for at least 30 days and will be enforced by the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

In addition to the Vegas casinos closed, at least 97% of the country’s 524 tribal properties have also closed. The 16 properties that remain open are mostly small convenience locations. The combined 973 closed casinos represent 98% of all gaming properties in the country, affecting approximately 649,000 casino gaming employees – roughly the entire U.S. casino workforce, according to AGA.

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