The Biggest Esports Tournaments (Summer-Autumn 2020)

Not so long ago, esports was only a form of entertainment and nothing more. It was usual to see two friends or more sitting together and enjoy playing a game. And when the victory came, nothing much could be done. A new decade has dawned, and esports are now more competitive than ever.

Developers like Epic Games and Valve hold tournaments every year. These events are very aggressive as teams try to win the prize pool money. This is a chance for players to showcase their skills and fans to bet and win money. Moreover, brands like Microsoft often sponsor such events.

Many people are taking esports as a profession, and this is too much of a big deal that cannot be ignored. We have come up with some of the biggest esports tournaments set to take place in the summer-autumn season in 2020. Whether you want to follow the gameplay or just looking for a chance to bet and win cash, this list is a must-know for all esports Vulkan fans.

League of Legends World Championship

It is almost 11 years since the League of Legends was released, and it is still dominating the gaming industry. The LoL World Championship will be held in Shanghai, China. Twenty-four teams will be participating in this event all from 14 different countries in the world.

According to Riot Games, League of Legends grabbed the attention of over 100 million viewers in 2019, and this is expected to rise in 2020. Besides, although the League of Legends is a popular game, it only had a prize pool of $2million in 2019. Hopefully, it will be more than that in 2020. The event is set to take place in October-November.

Fortnite World Cup

Epic Games hold their first and successful World Cup for the Fortnite game. Many people were unsure of what the role of the game is in the industry due to its epic character, only for 2019 to make it comprehensible. This event made international news as it attracted many viewers. Additionally, it surpassed other esports like DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike in terms of having the biggest prize pool.

Epic Games have not yet publicized the dates or months in which the tournament will take place, but rumours have it in summer. This year’s World Cup has even higher expectations than that of 2019.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive ESL One Rio

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is another popular as well as the most anticipated esports. The major CS: GO events are held biannually by the game’s developer, Valve Corporation. In 2019, this event had up to 1.2 million viewers as well as prize pool money of $1 million.

The tournament of the year, ESL One Rio Major will be hosted in Rio de Janeiro and will take place in November 2020.

The International

This is the concluding tournament of the DOTA 2 Pro Circuit. It is also the 10th edition to return to Europe ever since 2011. The event was set to be hosted in Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition was postponed.

Players compete for the DOTA circuit points, which determine the teams to go to the International. In 2019, the prize pool for The International amounted to $34 million setting a record for the prize pools of DOTA 2.

EVO Championship Series

The EVO Championship Series is a tournament held for fighting games. This means that instead of one, the series hosts several games. Such esports to be held in 2020 include Dragon Ball FighterZ, Street Fighter V Champion Edition, Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Samurai Shodown.

The physical event was to be held in Las Vegas from July 31 to August 2. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed. The organizations planned the competition to take place online and run from July 4 to August 2, 2020.

Hearthstone World Championship

In 2019, the Hearthstone Masters tour took place in Las Vegas, Bucharest, and Seoul. The number of locations is set to increase in 2020, which will feature six new places. They will encompass Indonesia, Texas, Asia-Pacific, Canada, Sweden, and Spain.

Blizzard also announced that the Grandmasters, which is the highest level of the event, will be divided into two, one was planned to be set in April and the other in August.

Closing Thoughts

Other esports events to occur in 2020 include CS Summit 6 online, Europe and North America and We Play! Clutch Island. The COVID-19 has led to the delay of many esports events, and this is heartbreaking for both the players and the fans. However, most organizations are holding these occasions online, thus giving everyone a chance to attend it. So if you want, you can still watch the live tournaments as well as bet on your favourite teams on bookies like Vulkan Bet.

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