Faulty Algorithm Removes Poker Content From YouTube

With fewer televised poker tournaments and an increase in the number of people cutting their cable cord, many people are moving towards streaming platforms to consume their media. As a result, YouTube has emerged as one of the main sources for poker content.

Over the last several years, poker pros like Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen have generated a large and loyal fan base by filming poker vlogs and uploading them onto the giant social media platform. Video content became more plentiful as up-and-coming vloggers followed in their footsteps and streamers that were primarily playing tournaments on Twitch began producing content for YouTube as well.

Unfortunately for Texas Holdem real money fans, YouTube began removing poker videos from its platform in a seemingly random fashion. Regardless of subscriber count or the stakes being played in the video, content creators were getting strikes on their channel and in some cases, losing their entire channel without having broken any rules.

Jaime Staples, a partypoker sponsored pro with a popular Twitch channel began spearheading the issue in February.

According to the Canadian poker pro, there is a problem with the site’s algorithm that filters for content violating the terms of service. In a video that was pinned to the top of his Twitter feed, Staples said that there are a few employees in the gaming department of the company that understands poker and knows that the videos being flagged are indeed following the site’s regulations.

Staples is compiling data from all creators that have been affected by the site’s faulty algorithm. He opened an email address solely for poker YouTubers to send him all the relevant information about every video removal and every strike.

With a little help from the knowledgeable employees in the gaming department, Staples hopes that the data will result in an updated algorithm that doesn’t blackout poker content from the site.

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