BetGold Strikes Success in Brazil Sports Gambling

The gambling laws in the wonderful country of Brazil are changing! Up until now, gambling in Brazil has been illegal. Well, not anymore! Companies like BetGold will now be able to offer their gambling services in Brazil!

There are a wide range of ways to responsible gamble. Casinos, the fun game of bingo, online video gambling, and sports betting are just a few examples of the different wants to gamble.

Casino resorts have many benefits for all. Not only do casinos offer a great sense of entertainment for locals, there are many economic benefits. Of course, a casino requires a staff. That means there will be an abundant amount of jobs available. In fact, according to research, the gambling industry could generate over 658,500 jobs!

Because casinos are typically built in tourist areas, there is an added benefit for local businesses. More attractions means more people. More people means more profits! Tourists coming to visit the casino for a day, overnight or weekend trip will bring in more revenue for local eateries, unique shops, other local attractions, hotels, and more! This will also make the way for more businesses to come to the area, opening up even more jobs!

Another exciting economic benefit is the amount of money that legalized gambling can potentially bring in for Brazil. The illegal gambling market is already making around USD 5,000 million a year! Because it is illegal, not only is it dangerous, but it is not benefiting Brazil in any way! Research has shown that the legalization of gambling could potentially bring in an added 15,000 million USD in gross revenue! This is in addition to lowering the unemployment rate by offering thousands of jobs and increasing local business revenue. On top of that, around USD 4,200 million a year in additional tax proceeds are estimated. And, even more, the government would collect over USD 1,700 million in licensing fees.

Brazil is a sports focused country. Legalizing gambling, including sports betting, will have many benefits for the country and it’s inhabitants. Sports betting draws in more spectators to local games. It will increase awareness and interest in sports all together. Best of all, this will now be 100% legal!

Companies like BetGold will offer easy to use services that allow gamblers to enjoy their favorite sporting events and games while showing their support for their favorite sports teams in a whole new way! Have you ever known your team would win and wished you could have bet on it? Well, now you can!

The Brazilian Congress feels that sports betting and other forms of gambling are their best option in an attempt to raise funds for public security. Public security, entertainment value, more tourists, an increased economy....The benefits of implementing responsible gambling in Brazil just go on and on!

Brazil is leaping into the future with the legalization of gambling. The benefits that casinos, online gambling, and sports betting will provide for the country are abundant. The only question to ask is why was this not done sooner?!

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