I got a call from a rep from tonight - and he was trying to blag a spot on the website.

He seemed a nice enough guy (and might be) but unfortunately for him he never really got started as I refuse to work with anyone that's prepared to be associated with 888.con as the brand is.

Anyway - getting back to the point of this blog - this guy started the polished sales patter - and I interrupted and said that I was not interested in working with them or even listening to them as we'd had a bad experience with 888.con and I will not give them ANY exposure on site.

Oh why? He asked?

A while back this sh!t of a company (888.con) decided to close our CPA account with them - and not pay out on any commissions owed. Of course they didnt actually tell us - simply blocked the affiliate login and let us keep promoting their site for an extra 3-4 weeks until we noticed.

Then they simply said that they would not discuss the case and their discision was final. As you might imagine thay went down like a lead balloon ... and to this day I hold the greedy b@#st@rds at as a prime example of what is wrong with many of the cheating affiliate programs today.

They shouldn't do THAT!! - the exclaimed .... (trying to establish some sort of rapport).

"Exactly" I replied "and thats the sort of pond scum that you're working with/for - and I want nothing to do with you."
AND then I hung up.

I've been feeling good about it all night - and so I felt the need to share. Thanks for reading.


Screw me out of affiliate earnings and an extra months work?
Don't expect me to ever forget.

Refuse to even discuss the matter - because you've got all the power and the money and the legal suits?
Don't expect me to forget.

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