PerspectivesTuesday February 24th, 2009

Why nueter the UIGEA regulations when you can just
repeal the whole damn thing? That's what Barney
Frank says he's going to do next month! Plus we are
following industry news from California to South
Carolina, stopping along the way to talk about a few
affiliate programs.

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Comment by Lance Zea on March 1, 2009 at 11:42am
In order to win the battle for legal online gambling, you need to show everyone that it will benefit all of us and help the economy, as we did back in the early 70's with Atlantic City. ("Help Us Help Yourself") We all know how the gambling business has spread around the country in one form or another, because it truns out to be more beneficial than not. It gives us more jobs and thus results in a stronger economy. Isn't that what it's all about? With the vast number of people that gamble online, we are looking at an unbelievable amount of money leaving this country. Given the choise, of gambling in a legalized online American casino, knowing your money is safe, or an offshore casino where it may or may not be, what do you think you would do? (NO BRAINER) Any marketing person with a little common sense, could easily promote traffic into an American casino property, once they have the customer in their online casino. All that money would now move back into our economy and the results would be obvious. Instead off just putting one city back on the map, it could put a lot of our cities back on the map. The internet is a wonderful tool that has and is reinventing the way we do business, entertain ourselves and learn about everything under the sun. It's a big ball that's rolling down hill hot and heavy and there is no way of stopping it. So we just better deal with it, before it, runs right over us. Now is the time to get down to business and wipe out this ridiculous ban against online gambling. Let us turn this negative into a positive, by legalizing it as we saw fit to do with the lottery and racing. In the words of J. Todd "Play It Smart"

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