Perspectives Weekly for September 5th, 2008:

Why was Party Gaming named in a US Lawsuit this week? What's the deal with Bodog? Where are we with Gambling Wages? All the answers and online gambling news.

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Comment by JTodd on September 5, 2008 at 8:53pm
All true statements.

The GW's program originally contacted us to help them turn things around. We listened to them and decided to be honest, unbiased, and see for ourselves if this is indeed a new program or more of the same.

To that end, we told them that the APCW could not help them until they addressed the player and webmaster issues of the past... so here we are.

In order to have a positive future GW's must re-build on a solid foundation and resolve past problems. That's what we're trying to help with.
Comment by The Gooner on September 5, 2008 at 4:50pm
I think your problem with the Gambling Wages challenge is that few people are active with them, their reputation is tarnished, and it's prevented the current generation of affiliates from even touching them.

It's all very well having GW saying that they want to change and "turn things around", but frankly who'd do business with them in preference to working with a good program that NEVER had these problems?

The horse has bolted. No-one's interested in the new clothes at GW.

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