I have been busy lately so haven't had time to update my blog, so a bit to catch up on i guess well firstly Ive been working on a new template for in the format of css2.1 (sweat), i have completed about 5 pages including the main page apart from images which i will improve, i think it looks quite clean and pleasing to the eye.

I have also been working a banner rotation system that rotates banners as the page is being viewed, now that took some time you just try finding one that will work with the affiliate codes and not cost a mint, took some research and effort i can tell you, oh yea then i managed to get all my sites approved by the gpwa, really happy about that those guys and girls are pretty thorough when it comes to awarding that seal, so I'm pretty happy about making the cut.

I seem to have awards on the brain now and i am also trying to get the ecogra seal of approval for the home of poker, not heard anything back yet but early days i guess.

As for playing poker i have managed to play three tournaments in the last week, how i found the time to even play i have no idea anyway just to say i finished within 10 places of the money in all three, and lost all three on the kicker card, pretty gutted about that but i guess just gotta move on next tourney and all, anyway i guess that's about it really.


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