well i guess my first blog post should be about me

I come from the uk and have been playing cards for as long as i can remember yep from the age of about 4 i guess gets a bit hazy before then, started out playing 3 card brag had a dad that was a bookmaker and a bit of a gambler, so i guess it rubbed off, some of you may not have heard of the game but lets say brag is probably the closest game to poker but requiring more skill in reading your opponent (yes i kid you not) . probably where i get my world class hand reading skills from :-), any way I'm now a webmaster i currently have 2 websites and i'm working on a 3rd not easy though as this one is going to be pretty unique as it's all about online poker strategy , so I'm currently seeking help from some of the best Internet players i know to help create some of the unique articles not an easy task, bu hopefully will be worth the effort in order to give players a better understanding and insight into online poker.

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